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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Favourite pubs: Lebowskis Edinburgh

The Big Lebowski is one of our all-time favourite films, so during a trip to the beautiful city of Edinburgh, we couldn't miss out on a trip to Lebowskis bar. This place has a great relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff, and plenty of Dude-themed decor (although sadly the playlist doesn't come from the film soundtrack!) Food wise, some awesome American bar food is on offer, from gourmet burgers to mac 'n' cheese, and ribs to hot dogs. Everything is made using fresh Scottish produce, and prepared in an open fronted kitchen, which as well as allowing you to see your dinner being created, fills the whole place with a mouth-wateringly good smell. We both went for burgers, and they were MASSIVE.

But delicious though our meal was, the drinks selection is much more exciting. A speciality menu is on offer, consisting solely of White Russians. Delights include the 'Jackie Treehorn', a cocktail made from Bolivian coca leaf liqueur, Kahlua and a 50/50 mix of milk and cream. In keeping with the theme, this was served with a line of sherbert "cocaine". As well as this one, Jim also sampled the variations on the classic which contained Absinthe and Buckfast. Sensible man.
The Jackie Treehorn: "The wave of the future, Dude"
One concoction caused a particular stir for Laura... a mint chocolate White Russian known as 'The Toe'. The addition of Creme de Menthe and chocolate syrup to the usual base precipitated an 8 month quest for the emerald nectar, so we can recreate the creamy delight at home. You will all be relieved I am sure to hear that we did eventually source this, from a humble Morrisons of all places, after a search which had even involved a trip to Calais.
Inspired to recreate them at home! The Toe is on the right
The general gist of the place, which we brought away with us, is add Kahlua to it and pretty much anything will taste great in a milkshake.

The Dude abides, and so should you.