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We would love to hear from you! Feel free to email us at You can also find us on twitter: @MashtunandMeow, or catch our pics on Instagram: @mrs_mashtun

We are a Sheffield based three piece unit: one husband, one wife and one cat... the classic triumvirate of the modern non-parental family. The two humans of the team are both very happy working for a local brewery - Jim as a brewer, and Laura as an office manager - however the views we express here are always entirely our own. Without further ado, here we are!

Jim - big fan of all things malt... beer, whisky, and often bread. Brisket junkie and carnivore extraordinaire.

Laura - the organiser of the team. Gin lover, gherkin fiend and all-round crazy cat lady.

And finally, Tosin - domestic feline and causer of mayhem.

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