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Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Lux Row Distillers

We were recently invited to take part in our first flash blog event of the year, organised by the Whisky Wire, tasting two award-winning whiskeys from Kentucky's Lux Row Distillers. Kentucky bourbon is iconic, and isn't something we've had much opportunity to drink before, so we were looking forward to sharing these whilst embarking on a rewatch of Game of Thrones. Season one, episode one, two lovely whiskeys - here we go!

Both the samples we tasted were recently awarded gold medals in the Super Premium Bourbon category at both the Luxury Masters and American Whisky Masters awards, and each retails at around £35 for a 750ml bottle. Here's what we thought of them...

Ezra Brooks 99 Kentucky Bourbon (49.5% ABV)

Described as being a "pure, oak barrel aged straight bourbon", this was held as a classic example of just what a bourbon should be at the recent awards. We found soft oak and toffee penny style caramel on the nose. The palate held a really smooth profile that hid the booziness incredibly well - so easy to drink! The gentle oak and silky caramel carried through from the aroma along with a warming apple pie character, whilst just a tickle of spice (that reminded us of all spice berries) at the back of the throat kept things interesting.

Rebel 100 Kentucky Straight Bourbon (50% ABV)

This is a wheated bourbon which is the newest addition to Lux Row's Rebel Bourbon range, bottled at a higher ABV to ramp everything up a notch. We found oodles of straw on the nose for this one, grassy and spicy with sticky dried fruits hiding behind. The flavour held a lovely rich, buttery character which was tempered by a good level of chilli-esque heat and a freshness reminiscent of sharp apple skins. Only slighter higher in alcohol than the Ezra Brooks but it makes itself felt! A long, hot, spicy-sweet finish to follow.

Overall - we really enjoyed both of these whiskeys. Two drams which really exemplify what Kentucky Bourbon is and can be, whilst simultaneously remaining interesting whiskeys. The Ezra Brooks was the more accessible, "all occasion" type of whiskey of the two, and for this reason would be the one we'd be more likely to add to our spirits cupboard - we'd love to try it in a classic Mint Julep - but we wouldn't hesitate to recommend either of them. 

With thanks to Steve at The Whisky Wire for having us!


Laura and Jim

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