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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Whisky Reviews: The Beginning

When it comes comes to whisky reviews, we at Mashtun and Meow have not really embraced the writing down of our drams. Whilst there are a few reviews of tastings, we don't tend to comment on our own supply. This will begin to change, but instead of launching in at first tasting, we will go down the route of Last Dram Reviews. This way we will let you know what the whisky was like to live with, whether it was worth the money we spent on the bottle, and if it was exciting from the first nose to the last swallow.

The experience of drinking a whisky isn't solely about the contents of the Glencairn, it's as much the situation, the company and the location.

My first ever dram was a Glenmorangie 10 year old, in my late teens, enjoyed with my mum as she told a story of Scottish hospitality on a trip we took as a family to Mull for a week of walking and otters: in a B&B the night before the 2 hour boat trip from Oban to Tobermory, my parents sat in the bar (with me asleep upstairs behind a door that didn't shut, due to a large crumple of carpet caused by a combination of badly fitted carpet and a poorly planed door). In the bar, they were confronted by a couple on a dirty weekend, with a chap so in lust he felt compelled to buy the clientele (mum and dad) a drink. Sadly this happened to be a Rusty Nail (2 parts whisky and 1 part Drambuie)... a beverage that Mr Mashtun Snr. cannot abide. In response to the drinks being presented to the pair my mother (whom i take after whole heartedly) supped the drinks pretty sharpish to save my poor father, but each time my mum was caught dram handed, and thus another was bought for dad. After my mum had hammered away a few Rusty Nails too many, she had to plead with Mr M. Snr. to finally imbibe the sticky drink in front of his new friend. The next morning, the boat to the beautiful island of Mull had a few very poorly passengers (and not solely on account of our atrocious sealegs!). I'd like to add that my very first dram was happily Drambuie-free.

Drinking wash at Laphroaig.
A whisky does not always give you everything at first impressions: cover judging doesn't work with music or films, so why should it work with the craft of whisky? Taking a minute or two, or a month or three, to drink and consult a dram is for me what is great about whisky.

So, with our continuing acquisition and consumption of all varieties of whisky from single malts to blends to bourbons, we will endeavour to write our humble opinions in an aid to partially inform and hopefully entertain.

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