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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Whisky Review: Ardmore

The Ardmore traditional cask is one of our favourite whiskies: an all round wonderful whisky that sings with peaty notes. As it is a whisky without an age statement, it will likely put off some of the 'purists', but it has been aged in quarter casks, thus tasting older and more refined than it possibly should do. For a whisky of 46% you get a boldness in body that frankly stands above its cost in terms of value for money.

It has a sticky, almost honey nose with a rich oaky sweetness akin to apple crumble, which is followed through with strong peaty notes as the dram opens up. The lovely caramel eye sparkles through the glass.

The taste is initially oaty, with a chew of barley, and the stewed apple aroma remains present in the flavour too. It continues to grow in bold peatedness throughout the mouth, which develops on the palate with spice and hints of cinnamon and vanilla towards the end.
Ardmore Heel Slain 

The finish is not particularly long but does linger for a while, with the spice continuing and the smoke pleasantly holding its own.

Not overly complex, it's a good one to reach for when you're not sure what kind of whisky you fancy. We always try and have a bottle of this whisky in and due to its cost (around £30) it is easy to keep a supply running.



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