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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Favourite pubs: The Fat Cat

It's a bit of a tradition in my family to love The Fat Cat. As one of my dad's favourites, it's been a place I've been frequenting since I was a nipper, commonly found in the upstairs room with a fruit Looza and a bag of Royster's crisps (what ever happened to them?!). My little sister became famous for being the youngest customer to eat an entire Ploughman's, aged 4.

Since then, a couple of decades have passed, both myself and Jim have done stints behind the bar, and the Ploughman's lunches are just as massive (and excellent).

The beer selection is always varied and showcases a fantastic range of local and national brews, with Kelham Island beers (including Pale Rider, Best Bitter and a seasonal special) and Timothy Taylor's Landlord providing a sturdy backbone. As well as the regulars another 6 or so guest cask ales can be sought, along with the occasional Belgian keg beer. The selection of bottled beers is extraordinary for the size of the bar, with a floor space comparable to the mid-sized office desk I am currently writing at. This tiny space could contain up to 5 members of staff at busy times, including during the now famous shows of the Everly Pregnant Brothers on the toilet roof.

The food is always traditional, hearty and delicious, with a good selection for vegetarians and those on a gluten free diet too. It's also excellent value. If you are not wanting to eat a full meal, sandwiches, beer basted pork pies and a selection of varying crisps are on offer.

As a regular haunt for a quiet few on a Sunday evening, you can't get any better than the Fat Cat.



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  1. "The one, the only, original American-style bubble chips.

    Roysters were first launched in 1992 and are a satisfying American-style bubble chip, currently available in their original favourite flavour: T-Bone Steak." from KP website.


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