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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Whisky and Gin Advent Calendars

As the preamble to Christmas is upon us, and advent has begun, some people are opening up the little numbered doors of hope to a vapid block of brown disappointment that some argue to be chocolate. But there is a solution to the Santa-shaped damp squib... instead of peering behind the door of anti-climax you can gaze toward an amber nectar and welcome the warmth of a whisky toward the the stomach to accompany to bed or out into the stiff winter morning air.

Whisky and Gin Calendars
These two advent calendars from Masters of Malt each contain miniatures of 3cl behind each door, just over the standard measure in the UK. This for me is a great opportunity to expand the number of whiskies I have tasted, and refine my palate, even to potentially find a new favourite drink to expand my collection. We have opted for two different calendars: the Craft Gin on the right and a collection of whisky on the left, each containing less seen spirits from as far afield as Japan.

The first whisky I start with is a Balvenie 17yr Double Wood, aged in sherry casks, after the usual bourbon cask, leaving a creamy vanilla nose and a light honey depth on the taste: overall a very tasty whisky.

Laura's beGinning spirit is an American drink called Death's Door - an aptly festive name for December 1st! It's a lovely light gin with a simple yet powerful flavour, having only three botanicals. Whilst delicious neat this is a gin which would also work well in a cocktail.

The little bottles look great and the servings they contain are surprisingly generous.

We will keep you updated about these festive delights each week throughout December.


J and L x

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