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Monday, 30 September 2013

Birthday Roast Lamb (Pt.2)

If you read the first part of this post you will know the immensity of the piece of meat I roasted and I would also guess that you could work out the amount of food we had left over (hint: a lot). And so what better way of eating sections of carcass? Yes, correct. Soup.

Most of the meat was still attached deliciously to the bones of beast, perfect for a good boil and subsequent soup.

First of all I boiled the bones with carrots, onions and garlic chopped into large chunks of veg with some woody herbs, specifically rosemary and thyme. After a few hours simmering, I strained the stock into another pan leaving the meat bones and veg. I had a wonderful 20 minutes picking the meat from the bones, because no matter what I tell my metaphorical children you should sometimes play with your food. After a good pick I kept aside the meat to add right at the end of the soup.

To start the soup we used what the Italians call suffritto and the French mirepoix, but what it lightly fries down to is softened onions, celery and carrots. Alongside this was the addition of a mixed bean soup mix, containing lentils, split peas, and rusks along with other beans. At this point you will not need much - something along the lines of a handful per person, ideally soaked over night then rinsed to get rid of the excess starch. But I spectacularly over-catered on this front, so part way through the cooking some of the pulses were separated off to freeze ready for the next set of leftovers. The strained bowl of stock was then added back to the pan, skimming off any fat that may have collected on the top, before bringing to the boil and being left to simmer.

After 45 minutes or so of filling the house with amazing smells, the lentils were tender and almost ready to eat. I only needed to add the lamb and the saved carrots from making the stock, season with salt and pepper and cook for another 5 minutes to warm everything through, before it was served and finished with Hendersons Relish... lovely. 

As Ever

Jim R

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